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Some important information on our purpose. Click the contact tab for information on contacting us.

We are an animal resource/rescue group in Fernley Nevada. We are a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization. We are not a shelter. We hope to provide resources to our community in situations where their pets may need temporary fostering, helping find a lost animal, help found animals get back to their owners.

Also to provide trapping of feral cats in areas where there is an over-population of cats.

We always welcome volunteers! Check out the Volunteer tab for more information!

Local Ordinances and Resources

The City of Fernley requires that all dogs over the age of six (6) months be licensed. Make sure our dog has its current license attached to it's collar which gives the best chance of having your dog returned in case it becomes lost.

We work closely with the Lyon County Animal Services in Silver Springs. If you find a dog or have lost one, please call them first. Their phone number is 


Thanks to Cooney's Law, animal abuse is now a felony in Nevada. Offenders may be sentenced to 1-5 years in prison and fined up to $10,000. Be sure to report any animal abuse to our animal control officer for further investigation. In addition, dumping animals anywhere is illegal and subject to a $1000 fine. Report any sightings to Animal Control at 775-577-5005

Low cost spay/neuters are available to out of county residents from the Nevada Humane Society for both cats and dogs.

They also provide low cost vaccinations and micro-chipping.

Call for the most recent fee schedule


Select clinic extension 311

Lyon County Animal Shelter, located in Silver Springs, provides low-cost vaccinations and micro chipping.

Call for scheduling and prices


The following are places that offer a variety of adoptable pets. Adopt, don't shop!!

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How to prepare your pets when disaster strikes

1. Do not leave your pets behind if you have to evacuate. Their likelihood of surviving is minimal.

2. Have current ID tags fastened to your animals and photos available. Better yet, microchip them.

3. Have enough pet carriers as well as leashes or harnesses for all.

4. If you must leave without your pet NEVER leave them chained outside. Put them in a safe area inside if possible. Post a notice outside saying what pets are inside and how to reach you.

5.​ Pack your pet kit with the following items:

Food, bottled water, medications, vet records, can opener, litter pans for cats, pet first aid kit, and an extra cell phone charger.

Tips for Winterizing Feral Cat Locations

Winters in Northern Nevada can be harsh or pleasant with sunny days and freezing night temperatures.

Provide some shelter from the weather with a cardboard or wooden box, rubber tote, or plastic crate, preferably with two openings for quick escape. Styrofoam is an excellent material for constructing a shelter as it traps body heat.

Use straw for bedding; it stays dry and can easily be changed. 

Raise the shelter off the ground a few inches by placing it securely on bricks or a wooden pallet.

Provide food and water in an area close to the shelter.